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Sonic Laser Cavitation


 First Session (90 minutes)

Slimming Treatments

Slimming Treatments – Sonic Laser Cavitation

Otherwise known as ‘Laser Lipo’, this machine can break down fat cell membrane, thereby releasing the fat content and turning it into liquid form, making it easier to be burned off or removed through the lymphatic system. This is all achieved by heating the cells with our ultra sonic handset. We can also lift muscles & breakdown cellulite using our radio frequency handsets. Treatment will include a therapist using the device in the areas your choice and then a short time on the vibration plate to kick-start the removal of the cells.

Price List

Follow Up Session
With Vibro Plate (60 minutes) £80.00
With Personal Trainer (60 minutes) £95.00
Course Of 8
With Vibro Plate (60 minutes) £595.00
With Personal Trainer (60 minutes) £680.00
Course Of 12
With Vibro Plate (60 minutes) £890.00
Course Of 14
With Vibro Plate (60 minutes) £1005.00

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