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Infrared Sauna


60 minutes

Infrared Sauna

We’re committed to ensuring our clients spend every moment of their Cloud 9 experience feeling happy, comfortable, and surrounded by luxury. As a result, we’re always looking for ways to increase how enjoyable our treatments are, which is why we decided to upgrade with an Infrared Sauna experience.

The Infrared Sauna works more efficiently to achieve better results at lower, more controlled temperatures with a dry, pleasant heat. We listened to our clients – some who found saunas a little unpleasant with such high temperatures and humidity – and wanted to offer a softer experience with impressive results.

The infrared energy penetrated up to two inches inside the body, creating a heating effect in your muscles and organs which increases your metabolic rate and dramatically speeds up weight loss, as well as significantly improving blood circulation around the body.

In one single session in our infrared sauna, you can lose up to 800 calories, as well as improving your health in the process. It also assists with detoxification and pain relief, as well as being a relaxing moment away from ordinary life.

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