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Treatment of Blemishes

Moles From £60.00
Birthmarks From £60.00
Age Spot From £60.00
Red Spot From £60.00
Eczema From £80.00
Psoriasis From £80.00

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Effective Cosmetic Laser Treatments by Cloud9 Spa

It’s no secret in the beauty world that laser treatments can cure all manner of skin ailments and beauty extras, from age spots to eczema, psoriasis, birthmarks, tattoo mishaps, surface veins, unwanted hair, liposuction and much more – all of which we offer at Cloud 9.

The best thing about laser treatments is that they directly target problems, explicitly locating problem areas to narrow in the results and achieve the best possible accuracy. As well as this, lasers are unintrusive and offer you top results in only a few moments, with no nasty after-effects.

The Cloud 9 spa is nestled amongst nature in the open countryside, which is why we love to make all of our treatments feel like a high quality, luxury experience amongst these idyllic settings. Our qualified therapists are on hand to make you feel comfortable and talk you through every stage of your treatment, offering you advice and always tailoring your visit to accomplish your own goals.

We define luxury as treatments worked around an individual in unbeatably beautiful surroundings, with premium products and kind and professional staff delivering results that are second to none. Our Cosmetic Laser service ticks all of these boxes, allowing you to achieve the physical results you’re seeking without feeling like a patient.


Arms / Shoulder / Chest From £60.00
Face From £70.00
Leg Surface From £80.00
Leg Thread From £90.00
Leg Varicose From £100.00

Tattoo Removal

Small (under 60cm) From £40.00
Colour From £60.00
Cover-Ups From £80.00
Permanent Make Up From £90.00
Large (over 150 cm) From £120.00

Hair Removal

Fingers / Toes From £40.00
Top Lip From £50.00
Neck / Chin From £50.00
Underarm From £50.00
Bikini Line From £60.00
Upper / Lower Arm £60.00
Thong Line From £70.00
Shoulder / Upper Back £70.00
Eyebrows From £80.00
Chest From £80.00
Full Pubic From £100.00
Full Back From £100.00
Upper / Lower Leg £120.00
Full Leg From £220.00
Temple To Toe From £3200.00
Full Face From £120.00

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