ITIOH Event - Combined Course Certification | Cloud 9 Spa

ITIOH Event Potterspury - Combined Course Certification

The Combined Certification is being called ‘the game-changer’ of health care. It has been designed to give you the most advanced tools, strategies and techniques in nutrition, emotional balance and therapeutic body restoration.

The International Training Institute of Health is known worldwide for its groundbreaking methods in consulting and unique instant result therapies. Whole Life Coaching and Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy are setting new standards causing a paradigm shift in the way we think and how we treat ourselves, our clients and our patients.

We are deeply honoured to host between Jun 16 – Jul 5 2018, a Combined Course Certification with Dr Darrell Wolfe, here, at Cloud 9 Spa. For more information please get in touch or click on the register button.

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